Kendra is returning to blogging solo, without her sister Sashwhy. She’s on a mission to make blogging work for her, and make the internet access work for her budget. I’m so happy she’s back and can’t wait for more inspiration!

This week we are minimizing our makeup bag. I actually just did this last week because I was inspired by Kaydee, one of my wonderful readers, to throw away the makeup that I wasn’t using because it didn’t work for me. And I did need to invest in some new makeup that worked better for my skin and my minimalist approach to makeup. Kaydee gave me the nudge I needed to make that investment. What I had found myself caught in was the “free makeup trap” – I had all this free makeup from our favorite drug stores, but after trying it once I knew it just wasn’t going to work for me. As a result I just wasn’t wearing any makeup – and not feeling good about it. I also had held onto some old makeup that used to work for me, but when trying it again I found it actually irritated my skin and made my face itchy. A sure sign that it needed to be tossed. If you have old makeup too, don’t be afraid to toss it (especially eye makeup).

Minimizing is Relative
Anyone can be a minimizer if they desire to have less stuff than they currently have. Minimizing the number of items in your home simply means having less tomorrow than you have today. Most of us will admit to having too much stuff. But few of us will commit to working towards changing that.

If you are serious about being a minimizer, you also might be interested in Life with Two Little Viking’sThe 100 Thing Challenge“. What a great way to get inspired to declutter!