Stroll down the beverage aisle at Kroger and look for Snapple Antioxidant Water with a hangtag coupon to Save 50 cents. If you use your Kroger Plus Card you can buy these on sale for $1.00. If you Kroger store doubles coupons up to and including 50 cents, they will double that hangtag coupon to give you $1.00 off. I bought three bottles today that I get to try for free. Why only three? Because Kroger will only double up to three identical coupons in one transaction, so if I bought more they would have accepted the 50 cent coupon but not doubled it. Thanks goes to hotmomma for sharing this deal with me!

Here’s a few other freebies at Kroger this week:

Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste FREE after printable $1 coupon (or print from my purple Quick Print ad) it’s on sale for 75 cents so I actually got 25 cents overage

Rice-a-Roni Nature’s Way FREE after printable 50 cent coupon (if your store doubles it) it’s normally priced at $1

French’s Worcestershire Sauce FREE after printable 50 cent coupon (if your store doubles it) or the 35 cent coupon (if your store triples it) from the 5/11/08 Smart Source insert, it’s on sale for $1, so you get 5 cents overage if you use the 35 cent coupon

Land O’Frost Taste Escapes FREE after printable coupon – you can access the coupon by entering the sweeps I shared with you earlier this week, it’s on sale for $1.99 but my cashier wanted to take off the full price of $3.29 so I got $1.30 of overage

And a cheap treat covered by my coupon overage:

Little Debbie Family Pack Treats 25 cents after 25 cent coupon (if your store triples it) from the 6/1/08 Smart Source insert – I bought the Swiss Rolls, 12 cakes for 25 cents!

I just had to share, I was excited about the freebies I got at Kroger today! Please note that I live in Texas where the Kroger sales start on Thursday and end on Wednesday. The sales at Kroger vary slightly by region, so please check your Kroger’s weekly ad here. Also, not all Kroger stores double and triple coupons, so know your store’s policy.