This was the week of free magazines; further reinforcing my committment not to pay for magazines again (except All You because the unusually large amount of coupons pays for the subscription). And they all had coupons in them, an added bonus!

Here’s what I got in my mailbox this week:
Sani-Hands for Kids – I requested this sample back in February, and just got it this week! A perfect example of how the freebies will usually come . . . eventually. You can still request this sample, but need to call – details are here. Also, you might want to request a free Cora and Cory book from Scholastic by sending an email – details are here
Ragu Feed Our Kids Well Recipe book – you can still request one here
Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet – you can still request one at StartSampling. There is a coupon for a free bottle of Cascade Rinse Aid, and lots of other coupons that all expire 9/30/08.

Post Honey Bunches of Oats
– I got my coupon for a free box (up to $3.79, expires 11/30/08) just for mailing in the form that I found in the Sunday paper and a few cereal coupons
Parents Magazine
– I got it from StartSampling thanks to Amy!

Parenting Magazine
– I got it from ValueMags thanks to Angie!

Good Housekeeping
Magazine– I got if from a Kroger promotion last fall where you had to buy a certain dollar value of participating products, they were products I normally buy so this one was easy to earn

Family Circle Magazine
– I must have earned this free subscription before I started keeping track of the requests I submitted

Woman’s Day
– I got it from Mercury Magazines thanks to Amy!
A note about magazines; obviously you shouldn’t request the free magazines unless you will actually read them. I do browse through every magazine I receive and usually find some coupons I can use and a few good articles to read. I donate all of my magazines to a charity that distributes them to local hospitals and other public places with waiting rooms.
What did you get in your mailbox this week?