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Know when to expect UPS delivery when you sign-up for a free UPS My Choice membership. Doesn’t it make sense that the person receiving the package should be able to access tracking information just like the sender? I love knowing when UPS will deliver packages to my door. I receive email alerts, but also have the option to receive text or phone alerts. This is a valuable free service that helps me stay organized (and not miss any packages).

I can now authorize UPS to deliver some packages without my signature (if I won’t be home) or request that my package be rerouted to The UPS Store or another address. You do need to pay a $5 fee to reroute a package, but it’s so nice to have that option so you can keep a package from sitting on your doorstep while you’re away. This post is sponsored by UPS and contains affiliate links. For more information please visit my Disclosure Policy.  (image credit: UPS)

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