Update Saturday 7 AM: Since MomAdvice.com was down most of Friday, I’ll be posting to let you know when it is up and you can access Freebie Friday and the other great features I highlighted here. Thanks for your patience and remember that Amy will need all the support we can give to her!

It’s the best place to go to get a list of great freebies and upcoming freebie events, so go visit Freebie Friday today on MomAdvice.com. Please be patient today, there are some technical problems on MomAdvice.com. If the links don’t work, try again later! And please leave Amy a “thanks” when you visit, she needs some cheering up today!

My favorite free sample on the list is for Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce. At first I thought – sounds great to get a coupon to try this for free, but what store can I find this at? And the answer is . . . Kroger – and other stores, just enter your zipcode in the Store Finder to see what’s near you. So yes, I will be trying some Country Bob’s for FREE, thank you very much!

If you are a blogger, or are thinking about starting your own blog then you must read Amy’s Five Commandments for Blogging. As always, Amy shares her wisdom with us and strives to create a positive place for sharing advice. For you non-bloggers, you might be interested in reading her latest post called “You Knew It Was Coming . . .Exercise & You“, it’s a continuation of what she is learning from reading the book “How Did I Get So Busy?” by Valorie Burton. I just ordered this book last night (since my library doesn’t have it) because after reading Amy’s post I felt I really would benefit from reading the book myself. I could always use some encouragement in making some positive changes in my life, and that why I am an avid reader of Amy’s blog.

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