Hurry over to Freebie Friday on to get your fix of crafty freebies! Ok, not all the freebies are crafty but here’s my favorite one this week. You can request a great booklet from Krylon called “101 Scrapbooking Ideas”. You’ll find 24 different page layout examples with information about how Krylon products were used to create them. While you’re at Krylon’s website, you can also request the Color Creations brochure to get some ideas for home decor projects using decorative paint finishes.

What’s crafty Amy up to this week? Well, the question is more like what is she NOT up to? She’s got a Spring Cleaning series that walks you through cleaning your house a little bit each day, because none of us have an entire day or two to dedicate to this task. I also found these other crafty posts that may give you some inspiration: Organizing Ribbon and Make Bubbly Magnets. Happy crafting and enjoy your freebies!