You can be getting free samples in the mail and companies are eager to send them to you if you request them. For someone new to the free samples and other freebies, it may seem too good to be true.

Katy shared this story with me:
“I was showing my husband my swag I’d gotten and he asked how I did that. I told him about Freebies 4 Mom. The next morning, though, he woke up and told me he had a dream I’d been arrested for shoplifting! His subconscious couldn’t process that I really did get it all for free!-Katy

What’s in my mailbox this week?

Fiber One – Cereal, chewy bar, and coupons! A great sample and even better it’s still available to request! I shared this freebie with you here.

Pantene Expressions – Got more free shampoo & conditioner to try! No coupon, but you can still request this sample by signing-in to the P&G; website. I shared is with you here.

Head & Shoulders – Another free shampoo & conditioner sample that I shared with you on this Freebie Friday. You can choose from smooth & silk or dry scalp.

Healthy Balance Juice – I got my $1 off 2 coupon and a 25 cent coupon with recipes for Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice. I shared this coupon by mail request with you here.

Hanes – You too can be getting several pairs of free underwear in the mail! Just enter Hanes Wedgie-Free Wednesday once a week and you can win this sweeps more than once! I got two pairs this week – both the right size. Hooray for free undies! This promotion has been going on for awhile, I shared it with you here.

Family Circle – You can still request 2 free issues from StartSampling. If you already have a subscription, they will simply add on 2 issues to it. I shared it with you here.

Kraft Food & Family – A great free magazine from Kraft and I was happy to see the Fall issue had 4 coupons in it. You’ll find my complete free magazine source list here.

American Baby – Yet another free magazine! Like a short version of Parents magazine.

Lactaid – Got a 4-packet sample to try for free. I shared it with you here.

Texas Litterbag – Disappointed they were out of the limited editions designs, but I got a huge “Real Texans Don’t Litter” bag and a nice card I’ll turn into a greeting card to mail. You can also choose a bumper sticker or a decal from your friendly Texas Department of Transportation (must live in Texas to order). I shared this Texan freebie with you here.

No longer available, but wanted to tell you I also got these freebies:

Scott Toilet Paper – My first full roll of toilet paper in the mail thanks to Walmart and a 75 cent coupon. I shared it with you here.

Popcorn Cakes – I got my Orville Redenbacher’s Mini Smart Cakes in the mail from Walmart, and it included a coupon to Save $1 off any 2 boxes. I shared it with you here.

McCormick Grill Mates – Montreal Steak seasoning arrived thanks to Red Plum. I shared it with you here.

Country Home – I love the photos in this free magazine, you might be enjoying them too if you got in on this offer in time.

What was in your mailbox this week, we’d love to hear!