Another fabulous Minimizing Monday at Handprints on the Wall. This week we are cleaning off our bookshelves. I seriously considered donating most of my books (not kids books, but novels I’ve already read and may read again) to my local library. The thought I had was that I would always be able to access those books through the library if I want to read them again. Why was I hanging onto them? Then I got realistic about this plan: what if we moved? what if the library didn’t add my titles to their collection? So I paired down my collection to my absolute favorite books and authors. They all fit on one shelf in my closet, so if I buy any new books I need to make room for them by getting rid of an old book.

Kids books are harder for me to sort through because I like all of them. But my boys are not babies anymore so we have sorted out the baby books and donated them. We usually take our kids books to our pediatrician’s office because every time we go there all the kids are looking for books to read, but they only have a few that are on the verge of falling apart.

Last week’s challenge to clean-out my coloring supplies was so inspiring. It motivated me to focus on all the kids arts & craft supplies in our pantry. I consolidated four large bins of supplies to three. And now I have a much better idea of what we have (more than I thought) and we are doing some new activities with our “found” supplies that had been lost in the unorganized bins before. I hope that Minimizing Monday is also inspiring you in your household!