This is a guest post by Stephanie who blogs about being a Problem Solvin’ Mom. She is a working mom who writes about family, hobbies, health & fitness, and balancing work & home life. She is also a regular contributor to Sprout Online. She wants other bloggers to know that “writing about products and activities that you like can lead to opportunities you never expected.”

Have you heard about Sprout Online? It’s PBS Kids website, and it’s full of frugal fun for kids and parents alike. From the main page you can navigate to craft and activity ideas for kids, PBS programming (and even viewing schedules for your area) games, recipe ideas, and activities and videos from other families that are part of the Sprout network.

Does your child have a favorite PBS character? You can navigate by character to find recipes “related” to that character, specific activities such as that character’s coloring pages, programming times, video clips and a link to the site for that particular character’s show.

Interested in recipe ideas that will get your family excited about mealtime? Check out the recipes page for oodles of ideas that are healthy and fun. The main recipe list includes information on the time required to prepare each item, and each individual recipe includes detailed instructions and tips on how kids can get involved.

Games are categorized by character and type, and offer several levels of difficulty. The activities page includes information on sign language, yoga, fun science experiments and more! The coloring and crafts page includes coloring pages, craft ideas for your family and for parties!

Sprout has a parent page too. Each month has a different theme, with several articles on topics such as crafts, kids health, food topics, fitness, and family. Parents can search for topics from the archives to find a subject they are interested in, or review the “experts” page to find additional resources.

Want to share your Sprout inspired creations, or submit something to be on PBS Kids programming? Here is one way, and here is another! I wrote this post about the first Sprout craft we enjoyed – making monster feet.

What online resources do you enjoy for information and fun family activities? I would love to hear your suggestions! Please leave a comment or visit Problem Solvin’ Mom.

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