Kimberly asked me “Do you know where I can get a good deal on a hair cut?”

My Answer: Frugal Haircuts
My first thought was to check with your local beauty school, because they need people to practice on and often offer haircuts and coloring for FREE (or at least deeply discounted). I later found out if you have a Toni & Guy salon near you, you can be a hair model on Tuesday night and get a free haircut during their weekly training night. I just signed-up to be a hair model!

If there isn’t a hair salon near you where you can get a free haircut, then check the advertised specials and coupons in your area. Many salons offer discounts on particular days, like half-price cuts one day a week. My personal strategy is not one I recommend – I simply go for a long, long time without getting a haircut because I have a hard time finding the time to go by myself to get one. It helps that I have a simple straight cut with no bangs, so I can just let it grow and grow until it starts driving me crazy – then I will make the time to get a haircut.

Do-it-yourself haircuts are FREE after you have the tools you need. I’m not adventurous enough for this approach with my family’s hair – but I know that some families do all their haircuts at home for FREE. Think of it as a hobby and work on developing your skills on simple haircuts. I used to work with a couple (same age as me) that cut each others hair to save money. Would you let your husband cut your hair? I know, it would take a lot of trust (and a simple style) but wouldn’t it be a great way to get a free haircut?

Haircuts for a Good Cause
Katie said “at Hair Cuttery from now until August 15th for every child haircut (under age 18) that they give in the store- the Hair Cuttery will donate one free haircut to children in need in the community you live in. So, if haircuts are on your back to school list- here’s your chance to help!”

Locks of Love is a fabulous way to donate your hair to someone who needs it. If you have at least 10 inches of hair to cut off, you can donate your hair and they will make real hair wigs for children who have lost their hair and are financially disadvantaged. Some hair salons offer a discount or even a free haircut if you are donating your hair. Amy’s daughter recently donated her hair to this great cause. Jessica took both of her daughters to Great Clips (posts here and here) to donate their hair and they got free haircuts!

Pantene Beautiful Lengths is another way to donate your hair, this time to women who have lost their hair due to cancer. You only need 8 inches of hair to cut off. Thanks goes to Zoey’s Mom for the reminder about this program!

Your Frugal Haircuts
Here are some ways my readers are saving money:

Free is the Best Price
@FlightyHeidi said “Toni & Guy salons require their stylists to continue their training after hours. They need models and the cuts are free!” Check out their website for details, they offer free cuts every Tuesday night.

Debbie said “At the Supercuts here they have free haircuts once a month by stylists learning new techniques. It has to be a salon that has the training, they told me it is a nationwide program.

@Gishers said “One of my good friends is a hairdresser. If I feed her dinner, she cuts all our hair for free.

@CentsableMomma said “I get my father-in-law to cut my boys and my husbands hair for free!” She later clarified he’s not a barber, but “he has just always cut his own hair. Believe me…I was wary the first time! I’ve thought about trying it myself!”

@BethSportsMomma said “I do them myself. ‘Course it’s easy when it’s 3 guys with really short cuts-military “high and tight” is what they like.

Use Coupons & Discount Salons
Affluent Pauper says “getting a haircut at Great Clips? Get a coupon to Save $10 off a $50 purchase at Old Navy along with your haircut”

@Giraffefriend said “I sign up for coupons from Great Clips & Fantastic Sams and then time it so they are not getting haircuts all at once!

Northern Cheapskate said “I watch for coupons to Great Clips and Cost Cutters. Those coupons show up in all kinds of unique places – like the backs of grocery receipts.”

Daisy saw the new Apple Jacks cereal boxes has coupons for Great Clips haircuts “two for the price of one” – that’s a great coupon if you can find it!

Christine said “Sports Clips has a frequent visitor card to earn a free cut (for boys/men) & coupons you can use.”

@ShellyAnnSings said “My family gets their haircut at a Paul Mitchell school, it’s about half what we’d normally pay and they do a great job.

Natalie said “Dad buzz cut my son and for my daughter, we go to the beauty school. It is a $5 hair cut.”

Georgia said “TGF Hair Salons has discounted cuts for women on Wednesdays and when I went there, I always made an appointment with the same good person.”

Frugal Hair Styles
@LuvMyPeaches said “My daughter wears her hair LONG!! LOL — haircuts few and far between. My younger daughter wears a cute “bob” and we make due with “bangs trims” (which are free) between cuts to stretch!

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Your Turn
How are you saving money on your haircuts? Please leave a comment and share your strategy!