I’m starting a new feature to share some gems of frugalness with you as I come across them! Here are 4 frugal reads for you:

Faux Stained Glass Votives

If you haven’t already guessed, I love shopping at Walmart for the really cheap stuff! And Christy loves turning that really cheap stuff into home decor – you’ve got to check these do-it-herself votives. What a fun and frugal way to decorate for any outside get-together this summer!
Using Negotiation to Get What You Want and Save Money
found at Goo Goo Buy Buy
I’m guessing that most of you could use some inspiration and maybe a little push toward negotiating prices on everything from babysitting to garage saling to shopping at major retailers? I know I can, and I love the tips based on real experiences that are shared in this post. While you’re visiting, check out this giveaway for a stunning vintage charm bracelet (ends May 27).

Make Your Own Party Invitations
found at Handprints on the Wall
I love these handmade invitations because they are so sophisticated and fun they look like you custom-ordered them (when you really printed them yourself). This is a great “how-to” on party invitations the frugal, do-it-herself way.

Money Back Guarantee
found at Be Thrifty Like Us
This is an important reminder that you as a consumer have the power to ask for your money back! There is also a great list of products that have a money-back guarantee, which just makes it a little easier if you are dissatisfied with a product.