This roundup is for bloggers or those wanting to start their own blog!

Blogging 101
I just found this site thanks to Lori and I love it! I’m often overwhelmed when I visit sites for blogging tips because they are written by techies for techies. This site provides basic information without leaving you overwhelmed. This is a good place to go if you are thinking about starting your own blog.

The Player Scores…& Silence
found at The Motherload on MomAdvice
Is anyone reading your blog? Amy offers some encouraging words of wisdom to new bloggers and ideas on how to encourage interaction with your readers.

Blogging 101: Ten SEO Tips
found at Scribbit
All about how to increase your blog’s presence on the search engines.

Ask The Frugal Momma: Gaining a Readership (The Frugal Way)
found at The Motherload on MomAdvice
This has got to be my favorite post to send new bloggers to – full of great advice from Amy.