Quaker’s Book of Life (5,000+ winners)
Teas’ Tea Go Green (3,000+ winners)
Jelly Belly’s Dream Bean (2,000+ winners)
Wish-Bone’s Digital Garden (1,900+ winners)
Pilgrim’s Pride Family Vacation (1,000+ winners)

Hane’s Wedgie-Free Wednesday (20,000+ winners)
Nivea Bikini Challenge (2,000+ winners, 4-wk entry)

Do you know how to easily get to my daily & weekly sweeps list? Just click on “Sweeps” in the menu bar that sits just below my header. Sweeps 4 Mom should be at the top, but if there were new sweeps to tell you about this week you might have to scroll down a little to get to it.

I love hearing from winners of the sweeps I blog about! Here is what Shannon wrote me:
Just wanted to let you know a few months ago I won in the Payless Shoe game (promotion has ended) that was on the internet, I’m assuming I learned about it from your sight. (you’re right, Shannon!) Anyways, this week the $20 gift card showed up in my mailbox! Yippee! Free shoes! I also won in the Nestle game (this one-time entry sweeps is still open for entry!)that you had post a few weeks ago. I haven’t gotten my prize yet though. Thanks for all you do!”

And I have another winner of the Febreze Pooch ‘n Purr Kit I told you about here! Crystal wrote me:
Last week I got a knock on the door from FedEx, I open the package and was so happy to see a pet carrier bag inside! It is from Febreze and had a bottle of Febreze For Pet Odors, a cute chew toy as well as a handkerchief for a pet! All for me and all they would like is that I return is a survey to let them know what I think about their Febreze Pet Odors product! YAY I can’t wait to tell them it’s great! I had filled out for a sample request for them weeks ago and mentioned that I would like this particular item since we had just got a cat. What a great freebie, thank you Heather!”

You’re welcome, Shannon and Crystal! It’s so fun to hear from my readers who are winning things. It kind of feels like I won too, but I’m just doing my job to help you win some of the better sweepstakes out there. I look for sweepstakes that have at least 1,000 winners so that you have a better chance of winning and I can keep my time spent blogging about sweepstakes to a manageable amount. Keep your eye out for new sweeps to share with me – many of the sweeps I tell you about are found by my readers! Even if you don’t know how many winners there are, generally sweeps with smaller value prizes and that allow a daily entry are worth looking into

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