This is a guest post by Zippy at Champagne Living. I was a bit shocked when she told me she goes to the movies for free all the time (and no, she isn’t winning the tickets) so I had to ask her to spill the beans and share her insight with my readers.

I don’t know about you, but I love going to the movies. For those two hours that I’m in the theater, I get to escape any worries, day to day drudgery, and my responsibilities for that short time. Unfortunately, the price of movie tickets has gone WAY up. I remember when going to see a double feature was a dollar or two (sorry, sometimes I show my age). With ticket prices in the $10 range, a night out with your honey can easily set you back $40. Frankly, I can’t afford to be doing this on a regular basis.

I actually have a way that I go to the movies for FREE. Yes, you heard me right….FREE. Not only do I get to go for nothing, but I actually see the films before they are released to the public. You see, I go to Advanced Screenings or Pre-Screenings. In order for the movie studios to create a little buzz about the flicks that they’re putting out, they offer a limited amount screenings to the public. You won’t find them in EVERY city or in EVERY theater, but chances are there will be one in a major city nearby.

I have LOTS of sources for finding them and I’m going to let you in on my secret sources.

  • Film-Metro – You can choose movies based on the title or location. Just click on MOVIE SCREENINGS and browse by state.
  • Gofobo – This source of advanced screenings is still in it’s beta phase. I find that it’s very user friendly and it looks like it’s an aggregate site for Film-Metro and others. Just type in your zipcode and how far you’re willing to travel and you’ll be presented a list of films and whether they’re available or sold out.
  • Poptimal – This is supposedly a source for left-over tickets that are set aside for their feature writers. You simply e-mail them your information as well as what movie you’d like to see and answer a question (yes, you have to jump through hoops for them). Since they have less tickets available in more limited areas, I’d look at Film-Metro and Gofobo first.
  • 43KIX – This service lets you sign up via text message to receive advance screening passes. They’ll let you know via text when screenings become available in your area, as well as how to get them.

Don’t forget your local radio stations. Just like when you were a teenager, you can still call in to win advance screening tickets.

So, grab your honey and escape reality for a couple of hours….for FREE

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