Google User Experience Research StudiesSign up to be a part of Google User Research Studies and provide your feedback on an existing product, a new feature, or even prototypes. Study sessions can happen at a Google office, in your home or business, or online through your computer or mobile device. Afterwards, you’ll receive a token of appreciation such as a gift card or donation to charity (which you will know before you participate).

Input is valued from people that are unfamiliar with Google products or the latest web technology, as well as those who are deeply engaged with them. Sign up is easy and only takes a couple minutes. You will have the option to fill out more detailed information in order to help Google find suitable participants for the user studies (and increase your chances of being selected!). You will only be contacted (usually by email) if you are invited to participate in a study or need to clarify information that informs such invitations. If you decide this isn’t for you, you can stop receiving invitations at any time by completing the opt-out form. Thanks goes to Mary for sharing!

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