Register with the Garden Club for bi-weekly offers and coupons from Home Depot! It’s gardening season and signing-up for the Garden Club is a great way to get printable coupons! They often send out “buy 1 get 1 free coupons” for plants. The nice part about the Garden Club registration is that you can control what types of emails you get from them; the Garden Club eNews, promotions, weekly ads, or a monthly eNews. The only information required to sign-up is your name, a password you select, and your email address. Your mailing address is optional, but I’m guessing they might mail me a coupon once in awhile so I entered mine. If at any time you find the emails you get from The Home Depot to not be valuable to you, you can easily unsubscribe from them. And of course they’ve got a great site with tons of gardening information. Happy gardening!