I would like to kick off Heather’s Craft Week with an easy, inexpensive (and, of course, recycled!) craft.

My 4 year old son wanted his room decorated like the Disney “Cars” movie; I wanted something I wouldn’t have to change in 2 years when he grew out of this phase. The compromise? A room painted fire engine red (good for “Cars” theme now, perhaps a superhero in the future?) and “Cars” themed accessories.
One of the accessories I made were “Cars” drawer pulls, using some of the hundreds of “Cars” stickers he already had and some Mod Podge. Here is how I did it:
1 – Clean your current drawer pulls and find stickers that will fit (in the photo, I had to trim Fillmore so he would fit).
2 – Put stickers on and smooth out flat with your finger, if necessary.
3 – Following the directions on the back of the Mod Podge, apply 5-6 coats.
4 – When your child’s current obsession changes, remove and repeat steps 1-3 with new stickers.
You don’t even need to take the drawer pulls off to complete these steps!
I am also working on covering his switch plates, using the same process, with leftover “Cars” scrapbook paper to complete the theme.
Please post with your kid’s room craft ideas!

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