$13.99 for 2 Green Sprouts Straw BottlesPin It

The deal has ended, but please consider supporting more causes when you sign up for the next GoCause deal. Join me in helping children in India access meals! For $13.99 you will receive two Green Sprouts Aqua Straw Bottles (your choice of pink or blue, $15 value, free shipping) and when purchasing this deal four children rescued from street life will be fed in Bangalore, India. Get this deal now, because there is a limited supply! Your purchase will help feed children in Bangalore. The goal of this campaign is to provide 400 children with meals through BOSCO.

You can help children in India by getting this deal thru GoCause.com and sharing it with your friends. You will receive two Green Sprouts Aqua Straw Bottles (your choice of blue or pink). All proceeds go to supporting this cause thru BOSCO Child Safety program. You will receive email confirmation of your purchase and can expect your product to arrive within 4 to 5 business days.

Even if you’re not getting this deal, I’d love your support with a retweet!

GoCause is a brother-sister team founded on the idea of connecting products moms like to causes they care about. Find out more at GoCause.com. I received compensation from GoCause for this post. Please read my Disclosure Policy.