*Expired* 🎩Free Mystery eBooks: The Grifter’s Daughter 1-6 ($8.99 value)

🎩Free Mystery eBooks: The Grifter's Daughter 1-6 ($8.99 value)

This free eBook is no longer available but you’ll find more free eBooks here.

Enjoy this free mystery eBook set by Duane Lindsay (normally $6.99) only for a limited time. Scroll down and click on the “Kindle” button. Read it from your phone, tablet or computer using free apps. Make sure the purchase price is still $0.00 because it could change at any time!

by Duane Lindsay

“It’s not the money. Dani Silver, the second-best living con artist (the first being her father and mentor, Leroy “Pops” Amadeus Logan) could have had a life of luxury with her billionaire fiancé, but there are just so many people who really—really—deserve to be fleeced. So, she scammed her clean-living sweetie out of a million dollars in seed money, and took off to “do good” – her version of it, vowing never to cheat an honest mark.

Author Duane Lindsay’s wit and endlessly devious imagination, complete with his trademark twists and turns keep the reader on a rollercoaster of danger and hilarity. This six-volume set of increasingly devious—and dangerous—scams will delight fans of Donald Westlake, Laurence Block, LeverageGood Girls, and all Ocean’s Eleven movies.

The Grifter’s Daughter (Book 1)
Dani’s looking for a mark, and the perfect candidate appears to be a televangelist who talked the widowed mother of a friend into signing over her house to his church. When the plan runs riotously amok, Dani backtracks, adjusts course, and—with her deliciously eccentric crew in tow—the game is on again!

The Ghost Coach (Book 2)
Dani and her father, legendary old crook Leroy Amadeus Logan, match wits as they battle for control of the scam “Pops” has been laying the ground work for over a quarter of a century, carefully planting stories about a “priceless” but, alas, missing (wink wink) antique car.

The Blonde with the Dangerous ‘Do (Book 3)
Dumped in a storm drain and left for dead…this con’s personal. When she manages to escape, Dani vows revenge—and revenge is a dish best served blonde—on the ex-suitor who turned out to be a fellow con artist with a brutal brother and secrets they’re both willing to kill to protect.

The Truth Lies (Book 4)
After seeing something he shouldn’t have, Dani’s favorite brother, everybody’s favorite person and that rare thing, an honest man, has been framed as a drug dealer, given a life sentence, and tossed into solitary confinement to force him into turning over the proof of the crime he witnessed. Dani assembles her team to bust him out of jail, clear his name, and somehow make a little cash – because jailbreaks don’t come cheap.

High Spirits (Book 5)
Dani gets a tip about a million-dollar bottle of whiskey whose ownership is…complicated. It has been appropriated from the original collectors, who would pay a handsome ransom—if not full price—to get it back. Alas, the original collectors are “America’s sweethearts”, so Dani’ll just have to dig up all their dirty little secrets to qualify them for the scam.

Scavenger Hunt (Book 6)
Dani’s vow never to scam an honest person is put to its most stringent test when the mark and his lovely fiancée turn out to be just so young, vulnerable, and downright sweet that the whole gang balks at scamming them. How are they supposed to turn a profit on this one?

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