My readers who shop at Kroger or a store in the Kroger family should load new grocery coupons from Cellfire! There are 13 new coupons available. Remember that you can get to them quickly at any time by looking at my new Cellfire grocery coupons ad in my left sidebar. It means it’s faster than ever to load new coupons on your Kroger Plus Card so you can save more money at the grocery store.

Now you can actually see the coupons in my Cellfire ad. Three featured coupons will appear and you can scroll up and down by clicking on the arrows to see more (but not all). Find the coupons you want and click on “Select” for each coupon. Then click on the green button at the bottom “Get Selected Coupons” and you’ll be prompted to login with a pop-up window. A new page will open showing all of your saved offers. If should also browse the coupon list again you would click on the “Deals” button at the top of the page since there may be more coupons you want to load.

Here are the new coupons available to load – pick the ones that you think you can use. You can save up to 50 Cellfire coupons on your Kroger Plus Card. Save them to your card before April 6, they expire on April 20. Many of the coupons are returning offers, you can save the new coupon even if you have the same coupon already saved (they will show different expiration dates).

Save $1 on Huggies Diapers
Save $1.00 on Kotex
Save $1.00 on Romano’s Dinner Kit
Save $0.80 on Yoplait Kids
Zone (on 2)

Save $0.75 on Fiber One Cereals
Save $0.75 on Betty Crocker Fruit snacks (on 2)
Save $0.60 on Chex Mix
Save $0.55 on Cheerios

Save $0.50 on Yoplait Yogurt (on 6)
Save $0.50 on Pillsbury Savorings

Save $0.50 on Pillsbury Holiday Cookies
Save $0.45 on Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
Save $0.25 on Cottonelle 4-pack or larger

How fast can you load those Cellfire coupons?
1. Select your coupons in the left sidebar, scroll thru the featured coupons
2. Click on “Get Selected Coupons”
3. Log in to Cellfire with your cell phone number and year of birth (or register for free)
4. Save $$$ with your selected coupons now shown in “My Account”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I stack a Cellfire electronic coupon with a manufacturer’s paper coupon?
You should not stack these coupons because the money savings are being offered by the manufacturer for both coupon formats (electronic and paper).

Do I have to give my cell phone number to register with Cellfire?
No! You should be able to use your home phone number because they do not require that you receive any text messages in order to register.

Can you use each coupon more than once?
No, each coupon you load can only be used once. You may find you have several coupons loaded for the same product (but each coupon has a different expiration date). In that case the coupon that expires sooner will be used on your qualifying purchase. You can only use one coupon per transaction if you have more than one coupon for the same product.

What happens if I load coupons, but they don’t show-up on my receipt and I know I bought the right items?
Contact Cellfire customer service to resolve the problem. They will need specific information about your shopping trip, so have your receipt handy!

You’re ready to go shopping with your Cellfire coupons! It’s easy to print a list of the coupons you’ve loaded, just click on the printer icon under your saved offers. I love the printed list because it has images of the products on it!

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