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You’ll love the current Hot Deals, sorry you missed this deal. Get a free collapsible travel dog bowl when you buy any participating IAMS® product at Walmart. It’s so easy to snap a photo of your receipt then submit it via text within 7 days of purchase in order to order your free dog bowl. I purchased IAMS® ProActive Health Puppy Biscuits for my puppy, but with 36 participating IAMS® ProActive Health, Healthy Naturals, Grain Free and Premium Protection products you’re sure to find the perfect dog food or dog treat at Walmart! This offer is valid with qualifying purchases from September 15 to November 30, 2015. Please text DOGBOWL to 811811 for details on how to submit your receipt.

Free Travel Bowl with IAMS dog food or dog treat purchase

What is the IAMS® visible difference all about? You will notice improvements in your dog’s energy, skin, coat and digestion when you feed your dog IAMS®. That’s because IAMS® is made with 100% proactive nutrition (and 0% fillers). If you are not fully satisfied with your IAMS® products, you can request your money back.

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Spoil 630x12004 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

Meet my german shepherd, Arya. She’s two months old and we are having so much fun spoiling her! Here are my favorite ways to spoil her:

Give Your Dog Treats

I bought IAMS® ProActive Health Puppy Biscuits for Arya and she loves them! Dogs like to sample new flavors of treats so it’s a great idea to pick up something new for them to taste. We use treats in our training activities to help reward Arya for her hard work. Of course she’s figured out where we store the treats. When the laundry room door is open, she will sit down and give us her puppy dog eyes to see if she can persuade us to give her a treat.

Puppy biscuits 630x411

Give Your Dog New Toys

Dogs love toys they can chew on and it’s fun to spoil them with new toys. We are also doing a “toy rotation” to make old toys new again by hiding some toys for a week or two then bringing them back out again. We used to do the same think with our kids so thought it would be great to try with our puppy too!

Give Your Dog Belly Rubs

Physical contact is an important part of forming a bond with your dog. You’ll quickly learn where your dog likes to be petted or scratched. Arya loves to have her belly rubbed.

Give Your Dog Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are crunchy and fun to chase across the floor. Just don’t give your dog too many at a time or you’ll have a big puddle of water on the floor which could get slippery.

Biscuit 630x483

How are you spoiling your dog?

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IAMS Visible Difference with dog food and dog treats at Walmart

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