An almost 4-day power outage due to Hurricane Ike forced me to take a bit of a bloggy vacation. I truly missed blogging, and am so happy to be back. We were lucky that the power outage was the primary affect from the hurricane for my family. It will be a long time before things are back to normal in Houston, even in our area where there was minimal damage compared to other areas. I’ll be staying even closer to home than usual due to the shortage of gasoline. But I am feeling rather spoiled to have our power restored since I know that over a million people are still without power.

What a wonderful feeling to know that Christina of Northern Cheapskate was taking care of my blog while I was absent! I had absolutely nothing to worry about with her in-charge. And I thank my readers for offering her help and for being so understanding about the situation. Please visit Christina todayand leave her a note of thanks for going above and beyond to help out a fellow blogger.