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This is the sweepstakes prize I won that inspired me to start blogging about sweepstakes that have a lot of winners! I received my Philadelphia Cream Cheese gift basket that contained: two stainless steel coffee travel mugs, two cream cheese spreaders, lots of napkins, and coupons for four free packages of Thomas bagels and four free packages of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. What a wonderfully practical prize to win! It was one of 6,000 prizes given away in the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Free Breakfast instant win game. I actually only entered this daily sweeps a handful of times and won on the last day it was available – what luck! My family will definitely enjoy this edible prize! Be persistent and keep entering those sweeps! I like to hear from my lucky readers, so tell me what you’ve won recently! And be aware that you may have won something but just don’t know it yet! Many sweeps where smaller prizes are offered don’t notify you that you won, they just mail you your prize. I can deal with that, I like getting presents in my mailbox.