🍓Kellogg's Family Rewards: 100 Point Code for EasterAdd points to your account at Kellogg’s® Family Rewards  (or click the red link below to take a quiz) with this new code thanks to Yimmy. Be sure you login first, then click on the quiz link below. Also be sure to spend your points before the end of the year because Kellogg’s is unveiling a new rewards system in 2022 and your points will expire!

MAKINADIFFERENCE (100 points, new 12/1/21, expires 12/15/21)

Did you enter these codes already?

FROOTLOOPSFOREVA (100 points, new 10/12/21, expiration unknown)

LUNCHBOXOFFLAVOR (100 points, new 9/6/21, expires 12/31/21)

FOODINTERESTSYOU (100 points, new 6/7/21, expiration unknown)

Have you taken these quizzes? 

Thanksgiving Quiz (500 points, new 11/19/21, expires 12/15/21)

Snack II Personality Quiz (500 points, new 10/14/21, expires 12/31/21)

Snack Personality Quiz (500 points, new 10/7/21, expires 12/31/21)

KFR Rewards Quiz (100 points, new 8/29/21, expiration unknown)

Treats Quiz  (500 points, new 8/19/21, expires 12/31/21)

Cereal Quiz  (500 points, new 7/11/21, expiration unknown)

Rewards Quiz  (100 points, new 6/28/21, expiration unknown)

Snack Occassions Quiz  (500 points, new 5/15/21, expiration unknown)

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Enter the shareable codes to earn coupons, sweepstakes entries, and other free rewards. Also, watch for free rewards for members (no points required) in their email newsletter. Please be aware that you can lose all of your points if your account is inactive for 90 consecutive days (scroll down to E.  Inactive Accounts for the details

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If you find a code above that has expired, please email me or leave a comment so I can update this list! 

Which rewards are your favorites at Kellogg’s Family Rewards?