I get a real pleasure each and every day to go check my mailbox to see what I have received. I have only been doing this about two months now. Thanks for the new sites each and every day.” -Ann

The pleasure is all mine, Ann! I enjoy sharing free samples, coupons, sweeps, and resources with my readers! I really love what I blog about, and I hope that it shows.

Earthbound Farm Reusable Tote – I got this great tote from Earthbound Farm. The package also included a pocket guide to choosing organic and $1.75 in coupons (expire 5/31/09). This is a freebie I told you about on Freebie Friday on April 4. The tote is no longer available to request, but here are some other freebies from from Earthbound Farm:

Food to Live By: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook
, a recipe brochure featuring 8 recipes. I’m hoping they’ll also include coupons when they mail you this brochure.

$1 Earthbound Farm coupon
– test your knowledge in this 12 question quiz and win a coupon by mail!

Healthy Family Quiz – Win Coupons!-
test your knowledge in this 10 question quiz and win $1.75 in Earthbound Farm coupons (probably 75 cents off salad and $1 off 2 products). Plus Earthbound Farm will donate $1 for each entry to the non-profit Healthy Child Healthy World. Plus the first 9,000 entries will receive $3.30 in coupons for Horizon Organic dairy products. The coupons will be sent by mail.
Update 7/19/08: Earthbound Farm is so smart! they sent me all 3 of the above goodies in one envelope! I got the recipe brochure, the $1 coupon, and the $1.75 in coupons (no Horizon coupons).
Update 10/11/08: Well, looks like I got my entry in-time to get the Horizon coupons after all! I just got everything above, so looks like my previous envelope from Earthbound Farms was for a different promotion.

Enough about Earthbound Farm – here’s what else showed up in my mailbox this week:

Bausch & Lomb Alaway eye drops
– I got a sample of 0.03 oz. eye drops in the mail. This free sample is available again at Coupons.com, you can request two per household, and it comes with a coupon to Save $5 on Alaway (a much better coupon than the $2 and $3 coupons out there). This free sample is a perfect example of how the coupons you get with free samples are often higher value than the coupons you can print or get in the newspaper inserts. Here’s my blog post.

Gillette Oil Control Face Wash + Body Wash
– I got my 1.7 oz. sample in the mail, it’s exactly the same as the bottle you can buy in the travel section of Walmart for 79 cents. No coupon, but this free sample is still available to request. Here’s my blog post from May 26.

American Baby
– You can get this free mini-magazine from Parents as well!

Woman’s Day magazine (August 1 issue)
– Did you get this magazine too? My free subscription came from Mercury Magazines. If you turn to page 115 you might see a familiar blogger mentioned – The Centsible Sawyer! Congratulations Denise!
Family Circle – I must have requested this free subscription before I started keeping track of them.
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser – I got my 0.17 oz. sample pouch in the mail. This free sample is no longer available to request. Here’s my blog post from March 24 – I waited over 3 months for this one!
Carnation Family Favorites – I requested this recipe booklet last fall. So – it took over 9 months for them to mail it to me? This really must be the longest I’ve ever waited to get a freebie in the mail – sometimes the free things take a long time to get. It is a great recipe book – 40 pages with a color photo of each recipe. No longer available to request – here’s my blog post.
Piggies ‘n Pancakes – Not the healthiest of freebies, but we were curious to try these corndog-style sausages in pancakes on a stick. I got a coupon to try a package for free (up to $6.99) and found them at Walmart. A few of my readers might have also gotten this freebie, it was only available for a short time, here’s my blog post from June 5.

– If you are curious about the stuffed dog “Max” and grocery bag “HEBuddy” in the photo, these are freebies sent to my boys by HEB. Shopping at HEB is a real treat for them because they get a balloon when we walk in the door and they get to play the crane game after we check out and collect the points to redeem for prizes (we don’t have to pay shipping, just mail in our points). We also got the light-up curly straws, which my boys promptly broke, but they provided some entertainment.
What did you get in your mailbox this week? Please share with us by posting a comment!