I wanted to highlight a few new free magazine subscription offers for you:

Remedy Life Free 3-Yr. – I haven’t gotten this free health & wellness magazine before, but I am curious to find out if it might have some informative articles in it and be a good source of coupons to use at CVS or Walgreens.

Cosmopolitan Free 4 issues – Offered by StartSampling, which is the best source of free magazine subscriptions. I’ve gotten every single free magazine I’ve requested from them and have never had a problem with getting automatic renewals or bills. It’s easy to sign-up, and once you do all you have to do is log-in and your freebie will be mailed to you. This offer might be a regional one, I have heard from one Freebie Friday reader who did not see it showing up on StartSampling although it still appears for me.

More Free 1-Yr. – Offered by StartSampling, get your free 10 issue subscription before they are all gone! This magazine is targeted to women who are 40+.

Free magazines are popping up all the time, but some of the more popular titles are only available for a short time (less than a day). I am enjoying my free magazines, and I will no longer pay for magazine subscriptions. One exception that I make is for All You, but between the reader survey and the coupons that magazine has already paid for itself for me.

What am I doing with my magazines after I’m done browsing them, reading the articles of interest, and clipping the money-saving coupons in them? Sometimes I will leave my magazines in the doctor’s office if that is where I am when I finish browsing and if they are lacking in their magazine selection. I also donate magazines to a charity that collects magazines to circulate among the waiting rooms of local hospitals and other public places in my community. If I am making a donation to a charity that is specifically for moms & their children then I will try and include a parenting magazine. I have also donated magazines to my local library where they sell them at 10 cents each to raise money for special projects.

I encourage you to think about how you can give your free magazines a second life. What magazines are you getting for free in the mail? What are you doing with your magazines when you are done with them? Please post a comment and share with us!