MailboxMail theft is a real problem that everyone can help prevent. There are so many important things that we get in the mail – plus fun freebies, sweepstakes prizes, and more – that you don’t want any of your mail to get stolen! Luckily there are a few things you can do to help prevent mail theft.

Tip #1 – Invest in a Locking Mailbox

It’s so worth it to have a locking mailbox if you’re able to. I used to live on a street where our mailboxes were all bunched together on a wooden structure with a little roof. All of the mailboxes were the standard metal mailboxes without locks. Until the Neighborhood Association’s newsletter reported that mail theft had occurred in our neighborhood. I knew it was time to protect my mail and I started researching the best locking mailbox. I ordered it and installed it to get back a little peace-of-mind that my mail was safe. My parents had a similar problem in their neighborhood so I encouraged them to get a locking mailbox too.

Tip #2 – Hold Your Mail & Packages When Away

UPS Hold Mail Request – if you’re unable to check your mailbox for more than a day, then it’s a good idea to place a Hold Mail request

FedEx Delivery Manager – it’s free to place a “Vacation Hold” on all FedEx packages, plus get notifications when packages will be delivered (and reschedule them if desired)

UPS MyChoice – it’s free to get delivery notifications, but you’ll have to pay a fee in order to reroute packages to a different address

Tip #3 – Be Active In Your Neighborhood Watch

Mail thieves are usually often spotted in-action by neighbors. The key is to be in contact with your neighbors – not just the neighbors on your street, but the neighbors several streets away. It’s a great idea to let the neighbors that you know well when you’ll be on vacation and if you need your mailbox or front porch checked while you’re gone.

Tip #4 – Report Mail Theft

Suspicious activity around your mailbox should be reported to your local authorities and to the USPS. Mail theft is a serious crime and the USPS wants you to report mail theft. If you receive mail in your mailbox that is not addressed to you, then you need to give it back to the USPS to redeliver correctly.

I hope these tips have been useful and I want to encourage you to share your own tips based on your experiences by leaving a comment.