How do you make time to craft? I don’t have the answer, but I have some strategies that might help you make more time to craft.

Spring Cleaning – What does cleaning have to do with making time to craft? Everything! If your house is clean, you will be more likely to dedicate some time to crafting. Amy at will be your personal Spring Cleaning coach, so go visit her for today’s assignment in this week’s focus on cleaning your kitchen! She’s got some great Spring Cleaning printables to share with you, you’ll gain a new cleaning tip (or ten).

Schedule Craft Time – You need to treat your Craft Time like you would an appointment for a meeting for work. Write it on your calendar and then committ to keeping the appointment. One of my problems is once I start crafting, I don’t want to stop. So if your time is limited, consider setting a timer or asking someone in the household to come tell you when your Craft Appointment has ended. I also like the idea of scheduling a weekly appointment, but haven’t been able to do this consistently yet. Remember that this scheduled time can be short, and you can break up your projects into smaller pieces. Get started by writing it on your calendar now!

Get Out of the House – This is my best strategy for finding Craft Time. If I get out of the house then the distractions are limited and I don’t feel any obligation to work on my many “to do” lists for household tasks. Make it a Mother’s Night Out and meet some friends at someone’s house or the local craft store if they have work space for you.

Dedicate Space to Craft – I also find that if I have a space dedicated to my craft that is well-organized then I am more likely to want to sit down and make something. It is so helpful to be able to find my supplies easily and not be digging through the closet looking for something. I know it is a challenge for many of us to dedicate some space to crafting, but be creative by using a room that is little used in your house like the guest room, office, basement, game room.

I hope these strategies gave you some new ideas as you search for more Craft Time in your daily routines. Please post a comment here to share some strategies that are working for you!