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We Got To Try Maty’s Products

It’s no fun being sick, but thanks to my 7-year old coming down with a croupy cough I was on a mission to find Maty’s All Natural Kids Cough Syrup and Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub to bring him some relief. On Monday night (the day before I bought Maty’s), I set-up the humidifier in his room and gave him our normal brand of children’s cough syrup before he went to bed. I sat in my office and listened to him cough and felt so helpless to help him sleep well and get better! He sounded worse on Tuesday morning and I knew he did not sleep well.

On Tuesday I found Maty’s at the store and we used it Tuesday night. My son loves any honey-flavored medicine, so the Maty’s All Natural Cough Syrup was a big hit (it’s made with Buckwheat Honey). When I rubbed the Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub onto his chest he cheerfully exclaimed “Smells like pickles!!!”. The comforting scent of the chest rub comes from eucalyptus, lavender, and chamomile. We both loved the milder scent of this petroleum free baby vapor rub (no burning eyes like you can get from other vapor rubs) and I didn’t have to wash my hands immediately (I just rubbed it into my dry skin). I sat in my office and listened to absolute silence coming from his room – he was sleeping soundly and I was so happy!

Maty's All Natural ProductsNatural Ingredients You Recognize

I love being able to read a short list of natural ingredients on the products my children and I use and actually knowing what most of them are. Maty’s believes in using the healing properties of foods and plants. You can read more about natural ingredients used in Maty’s products and why they work so well for people who try them. I really want you to try Maty’s out – which is why I’m sharing the 1,000 free sample giveaway with you. But even if you don’t win a free sample, please look for Maty’s near the children’s medicines at your store.

Natural Ingredients in Maty's productsWhere to Buy Maty’s Products

I found Maty’s products at my Walgreens, Kroger, and HEB. You can find Maty’s products at many grocery stores, drugstores, and online retailers. If your store doesn’t carry Maty’s then visit the Customer Service desk where you can make a request. Sometimes stores need a little nudge from their customers to tell them which products you want to buy!

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