Handprints on the Wall is hosting a new weekly carnival called Minimizing Monday. Today they start with the clothing and shoes in your closet. I hope it will inspire you to clean out your closet and that you’ll participate in this carnival if you have a blog, or that you’ll come back and report next week by posting a comment on my Minimizing Monday post.

Minimizing the stuff in my house is at the forefront of my mind right now, so I was excited to start participating in this weekly carnival and I’ll use it as a prompt to share some of my thoughts with you on reducing the amount of stuff we have in our household.

Why Less Stuff = More Time
I want to have less stuff in order to have more time. Stuff carries with it a kind of owner’s toll. Stuff takes time to acquire, use, maintain, clean, organize, store, and purge from your household.
This week I am getting rid of some toys and clothes that my boys have outgrown. I’ll be taking some large items to a consignment store and the rest I will donate. I also hope to go through the clothes and shoes in my closet following the inspiration provided by Kendra and Sashwhy.
What stuff will you be purging from your household this week? Where will you send that stuff that is leaving your household?