Do you want to find a place where all the cool giveaways are rounded up from mom bloggers? Mom Giveaways is that place. I love blog giveaways because you find both practical and unique products offered, and it’s easy to win them. I’ve heard from several of my readers who entered a giveaway only because I told them about it, and they won it!

If you are a mom blogger, it is easy to submit your giveaways for a free listing. And how about some free advertising for your blog? At the end of the form to submit your giveaway is information about how to submit your blog’s button for free advertising. There are free ad spots in the sidebar that rotate through all the buttons submitted (you might see mine pop up). Now, if you want to thank Courtney for creating this giveaway gathering place for us, you’ll find her on Twitter @AMomSpeaks and you’ll find her blogging at A Mom Speaks.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s “4 Giveaways” and a sneak peak at my “One Year of Freebies 4 Mom” celebration giveaway line-up. You will not believe it, but I’ve got 11 days of giveaways planned for you, a new giveaway each day. The celebrating starts this Thursday with a free ice cream giveaway.