Use this promo code to get a free one-night movie rental only on Monday, October 25 at your local Blockbuster Express (it’s the “blue box”). Thanks goes to Krysten for the code! I’ve heard you can use codes like this online to reserve her movie and pick it up for FREE. Please be aware that I’m unable to test the Blockbuster codes myself like I do for the Redbox codes because the nearest “blue box” is too far away from me!

BBXMDY (expires 10/25/10 at midnight)

You need to make sure you return your one-night movie rental before it’s due (9pm the next day) to avoid an additional night rental charge. And just like Redbox you can use each promo code more than once if you use it with a different credit card. Check to find your closest Blockbuster Express location.

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