I’ve written about how bloggers can be affiliates for freebies, and I wanted to refer my readers who are bloggers to my favorite affiliate program. Join Logical Media and you’ll get access to the best campaigns available. Not only that, but you’ll find that personalized help is just a click away. I’ve been really impressed with the help they’ve provided me when I’ve had questions (especially when I was new to their program). Do not assume that your blog’s readership is too small to be accepted, just apply and see what happens. And if your application is turned down, then wait a month or two and then apply again.

Logical Media was the first affiliate program I joined, and they are still the best in my opinion. A very small percentage of the free sample offers I post are affiliate offers, but this is one way that I can get paid for the time I spend blogging so that I can bring you a wide variety of free stuff and resources. It is worthwhile for me to post affiliate offers that I like, because all those pennies do add up!

Here are 4 of my tips for bloggers on posting affiliate offers:

1. Be true to your blog and yourself
Do not post affiliate offers unless they are something you would normally post even if it weren’t an affiliate offer. Be selective about which offers you post, and try to find ones that you think your readers would have a genuine interest in. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t take advantage of yourself.

2. Update your links
Affiliate offers expire quickly, sometimes the same day they start, and when this happens they often will redirect to another offer. Many of the free sample offers are indeed still available, just not as an affiliate offer. So update your links when the offers expire by finding the non-affiliate link to the same offer.

3. Ask questions
Ask about the details of the campaign so that you understand what you will be sharing with your readers. Also ask your readers about their experience with specific websites or companies. I have posted some affiliate offers in the past that I will no longer be posting again because of feedback I’ve gotten from my readers. And feel free to ask me any questions you have about my experience with Logical Media.

4. Don’t clutter up your sidebars
If an offer is worth posting, then post it! Highlight a few of the more popular offers in your sidebar, but don’t show all of them. The more stuff you have in your sidebars, the longer it takes your blog to load.

I hope these tips were useful, please feel free to share your own tips in the comments or ask me a question!

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