Here are some great money-making opportunities for you to explore. Most would be considered small supplemental income, but they are all opportunities that I or my readers are actively engaged in. Even small earnings add up, so take a look and determine which opportunities are worth your time.

Earn Money
Swagbucks – use it to search the internet, and even use instead of your browser to surf the web and you’ll be rewarded (now they have cash prizes in the form of $5 Paypal and $10 Mastercard plus tons of giftcards)

YouData – it’s so easy to get paid for glancing at ads on my blog and I love that my readers get paid every Friday whether they had one paid ad to view or several

eBay – how do you even get started? don’t be intimidated because one of my blogging friends is here to help you out

In-Person Market Research – my mom inspired this post based on her successful first-hand experience, a great list of ways to find those elusive in-person market research opportunities

Online and At-Home Jobs – a resource list to help you in your job-hunt or as you explore your options

Earn Gift Cards & Merchandise
Neilsen Homescan – if you are willing to take the time to scan all your purchases, this could be an easy way to earn some fun things

Swagbucks – I had to mention it again because it’s a great way to earn gift cards, my favorite is the $5 gift card for 45 Swagbucks, lots of my readers save up their gift cards and use them to pay for the holidays

University Studies – easy to participate in from your computer, find out how to get signed-up and earn gift cards for your participation

Earn Money by Blogging
Jungle Ad Network – by invite only, but an exciting new video ad network to consider adding to your sidebar

Starting a blog?– resources I want to share with new and experienced bloggers to help you learn how to monetize your blog

Feel free to ask me any questions you have, most of these opportunities are ones that I have personal experience with.

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