This free sample offer has ended. Get 10 free issues of More magazine from StartSampling. More magazines is created for women over 40. Guess what – I’m not anywhere near 40 and I love this magazine! I always find several informative articles each issue that I want to read.

You might remember that StartSampling offered a free sample of More Magazine last July. That’s when I was first introduced to this magazine and I love it! Even if you got this free sample last July, you can certainly get it again. Those 10 issues will be added onto your current subscription (whether it’s free like mine, or a paid one).

I love to help my readers get free magazines, and StartSampling is my favorite source of free magazine samples. I always get the samples I request through them. They also administer many of the large sampling programs like Walmart’s. You do need to create an account and you can only request one free sample per day on their site.

It’s important to note that this is a free sample, not a free trial. I do not recommend doing free trials because at the end of a free trial you get a bill. At the end of a free sample you never get a bill (but may get a subscription offer) and you stop getting magazines in the mail when your free sample ends (you never need to call and cancel). Read more about how I’m filling my mailbox with free magazines and some great tips on giving all those magazines a second life.

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