If you have a crib in your house you need to read this Jardine Crib recall notice issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. When I looked at it I thought the brand name sounded familiar, and after checking the model number of my crib – sure enough my crib is on the list! Please look for the model number on your crib to check against the list (it’s on the inside rail of the crib (see the photo I took when I checked my crib’s model number). Do not rely on the photos shown on the recall notice because this recall involves a wide variety of crib styles and finishes.

Here is Jardine’s recall website where you can fill out the form to request a voucher for a new crib replacement. I had a question about filling out the form, so I called Jardine’s recall hotline at 1-800-646-4106 and was able to talk to someone to get my question answered promptly. I just printed my confirmation of my recall form submission and will wait to receive a package in the mail containing instructions on how to obtain my voucher.

I’ll let you know how my experience goes getting my crib replaced. Thanks goes to a wonderful anonymous reader for sharing this with me. I haven’t seen this recall in my recent info browsing, which is surprising because it involves recalling about 320,000 cribs sold between January 2002 to May 2008 at Babies ‘R Us, Toys ‘R Us, Geoffrey Stores, and KidsWorld. I thought it would be worth mentioning to my readers because a few of you may also have one of the models involved in the recall.

Update: We decided to just make the jump to a toddler bed instead of deal with trying to find a new crib under the amount of the voucher. It’s not an easy process to replace your recalled crib – so we are lucky that we could just give-up having a crib in our house.

If you want to stay informed about recalls, I recommend signing-up for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s email alerts. You have the option to request receiving only the recalls involving infant/child products. There are an amazing number of recalls issued each month in this category. So many that Z Recommends, a product review blog with a keen eye for safety, likes to do a monthly roundup of recalls involving infant/child products, here’s their May Recall Roundup. And of course Z Recommends also blogs about any hot recall or safety issues like Thomas the Train and BPA in Children’s Feeding Products.