After visiting USA Baby today to redeem my emom rewards (thanks Money Saving Mom!), I wanted to repost the great promotion they are offering to entice you to visit their store. The reward will vary by location, so you need to sign-up for the USA Baby emom rewards , just look at the pull-down menu to check for a participating store near you, and you’ll get an email with your reward. Your reward can only be redeemed in-store by you at the location you selected.

I got this Mustela gift pack and a $10 credit on the purchase I made at the store today. I was curious if they would offer me a $10 gift card and tell me I could only use it on my next purchase – but they did not! I was asked to show my driver’s license to confirm that I was the person listed on the printed email I brought in. I was also asked to sign a log to confirm that I did receive the gift. The Mustela gift pack is a great sampling of their products and includes: no-rinse cleansing fluid (1.6 oz), stretch marks double action (.33 oz), vitamin barrier cream (.38 oz), facial cream (.17 oz), and dermo-cleansing (.23 oz) all inside a small blue mesh bag that zips up. Again this is a great free sample pack, but if this is the only item you are offered I don’t think it’s worth going out of your way to get.

Here are what my readers are getting after signing-up for their USA Baby reward. Some people are getting different offers (indicated by the -or-) for the same location. The gift card rewards are wonderful – this store is primarily a furniture store but they have lots of small gift items for sale.
Austin – $25 Gift Card -or- Free pair of Robeez
Kansas City – $25 Gift Card -or- bib, onesie/Mustela Gift Pack
Indianapolis – $25 Gift Card
Jacksonville – $20 Gift Card
Minneapolis – $20 Gift Card
Houston – $10 Gift Card/Mustela Gift Pack
McAllen – $10 Gift Card/Mustela Gift Pack
Nashville – Mustela Gift Pack
Milwaukee – Mustela Gift Pack
Scottsdale – Mustela Gift Pack
Charlotte – Mustela Gift Pack
Orlando – Free pair of Robeez
Richmond – Free pair of Robeez
Norcross – Bumkins Bib
Greenville – Tummy Honey Butter
Salt Lake City – Tummy Honey Butter
Detroit – TY stuffed toy

Please post a comment about what reward you are offered in the email, or tell us about your experience in redeeming your reward!