Are you prepared for a disaster? Most of us would answer “No”, but as Moms having a disaster plan in-place for our family is important. It’s a way to help us care for our family no matter what happens. I want to introduce a resource to you called and tell you how I learned about it. My friend Tanya introduced me to the website and the Dad who started it, Patrick Krupka. I actually even met Patrick at a function both our kids attended, and was excited to hear that he had started this website to help families prepare for natural disasters. is a service that provides you with a secure place to store information. Patrick offered to let me try the service at a discount, and I discovered that the beauty of this website is that you choose exactly how little or how much data you want to store in your secure account. Guidelines are provided for what type of information is typically most useful. It makes so much sense to have all this information in one place, with secure access by the internet, and could even be extremely useful for minor incidents like losing your purse. I do want to point out to you that while this service does charge an annual fee, Patrick is offering my readers a discount code (see bottom of this post). And there are free resources worth checking out to help you prepare for a disaster. I’ll let Patrick tell you more about his website and the services he provides, and I hope you will ask him any questions you have by leaving a comment here:

This is a guest post by Patrick of

We’re all aware that we should have plans in place to respond when disaster strikes and affects our families and homes. Some of us have gone so far as to prepare a disaster kit to keep in our homes or cars. Few, of us though, have really thought through and prepared for effective recovery after the disaster hits.

The daunting task of managing and recovering after a fire, tornado or other disaster wreaks havoc on our lives can be made far smoother by just taking a few easy steps beforehand. The simple act of securing vital information gives peace of mind now and eases recovery later. It’s like that old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Imagine you’re in bed asleep when you’re suddenly awakened by your smoke alarm. As you jump out of bed, you can see and smell smoke in your home. You rush to get your spouse and children and run out the door. You do a quick head count and then turn around to see flames shooting high out of your attic. The fire department arrives quickly, but the damage is severe. You and your family are there in the street with nothing but the clothes on your back. Do you have your wallet? Where are your ID, credit cards, bank account numbers? What about your insurance policy, your mortgage company’s phone number, your marriage license, birth certificates for your family? Where’s your home inventory? How will you put your life back together? How will your family recover? provides a simple and secure way to safely store all of your important information and copies of any important documents. You can access your data on our highly protected servers via any Internet connection in the world.

Our user-friendly Web interface walks you step-by-step through creating your home inventory, emergency wallet cards, customized family disaster plan and more. It then provides you with a menu of useful reports of all of your stored information.

Take these simple steps to protect your family. Relieve the worry about disaster striking and make the recovery smooth.

I’m Patrick Krupka, Founder of, and I’m proud to offer our service to readers of Freebies 4 Mom at a special 20% discount. You’ll get one year of unlimited access, updates, downloads, and disaster preparedness information for only $39.96 (regularly $49.95). Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ve planned for the unexpected, and protected your family.

Please use discount code MDP4mom when you visit our site at

I hope that this will inspire you to talk to your family about your disaster plan and take some time to explore this website to learn more about what you can do prepare for the worst. If you have any questions about creating a disaster plan for your family, please leave a comment here for Patrick to answer.