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Watch THE IN-CROWD Videos at INTEL.HSN.COM to learn more about Intel devices and what they can do for you! You can watch informational videos on everything from 2-in-1 laptops to battery life. I just watched several videos and learned so much! It’s definitely a great tool to help you decide which new device is best for your needs. New educational videos will be posted each month so come back for more information about Intel-based devices and technologies. Next month’s featured video will be Gaming:  Level up with experiences powered by Intel.

Take The #IntelINCROWD Quiz

Want to discover your dream device? Take the quiz by scrolling down and answering the quick photo questions. It’s easy with only 4 questions to answer! Based on my quiz results, they recommended the Dell Inspiron 11.6″ Touch Intel Quad-Core 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD Windows 10 Convertible Laptop for my on-the-go work lifestyle.

Dell Inspiron 11.6" Touch Intel Quad-Core 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD Windows 10 Convertible Laptop

You’ll find the best Intel-based device for your needs. Do you want light and stylish? Sharper screen? Super fast speed? The IN-CROWD is your connection to the wide variety of Intel-based devices and a great learning resource.

CaptureSolid State Drive (SSD) vs. Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

I definitely didn’t know much about computer storage, so I was glad I watched the Solid State Drive vs. Hard Disk Drive video. It explains that when you choose a thinner, lighter PC you’ll get less local storage than a larger PC. Also a Solid State Drive performs much faster than a Hard Disk Drive when booting up your computer, web browsing and using applications. The speed difference is noticeable! You’ve got to consider the pros and the cons when selecting what type of computer storage is best for your needs.

Which Intel device do you need?

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