A new free sample of Kotex Ultra Thin Overnight pads with wings is available to request from StartSampling. Hopefully they will also include that awesome $1 coupon that has bought me (and my readers) so many free packages of Kotex! Don’t forget that Walmart is also offering this free sample of Kotex!

It’s wonderful when free samples are so abundant that you find yourself never buying the product at the store! Kotex is one abundant free sample, so I want to make sure that my readers are taking advantage of the different free sampling sources for this product (or buying it for FREE by using coupons). If you aren’t sure if you’ve already requested these samples before, it doesn’t hurt to ask again. They set things up so you only get one sample per household from each source (and you won’t get in trouble for forgetting you already requested it).

There are often Kotex coupons available in the Sunday ad inserts and to print for $1 off ANY Kotex product – this is a great coupon that will get you smaller packages for free at Walmart.

Get more coupons from your samples and by completing surveys directly from Kotex (links included in some samples, look for a URL address)

If you shop at Walmart, you should be able to get a free package of liners with your $1 coupon at most stores. They have 4 different Kotex products that are regularly priced at $1.00 (all packages have yellow on bottom, see photo):
Kotex Lightdays Liners Regular 22 ct., Long 18 ct., Long 16 ct. (wrapped), Maximum 14 ct. (wrapped)
These are not travel-sized products, just smaller packages at a great price.

A bonus is you also get a Box Tops for Education coupon to clip that is worth 10 cents to a participating school. Talk about one useful freebie!

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