Xfinity Store

I had the opportunity to tour a new Xfinity store and learn all about their high-tech offerings. First of all, the customer experience is changing for the better! When you walk into an Xfinity store you will be greeted and invited to try out Xfinity services first-hand while you wait for the next available associate. That means you will NOT be waiting in line! You’ll be experiencing Xfinity services first-hand and guiding your in-store experience.

Xfinity Store Welcome

I love the emphasis on a hands-on customer experience with tablets placed throughout the store and a big screen TV in the middle. I got to see the magic of Xfinity X1 with a voice-activated remote control that makes searching so much easier. Forget trying to type with that keyboard that appears on the screen (which takes FOREVER) because now you simply SAY what you’re searching for! Xfinity Apps let you watch multiple shows, check Facebook, play Pandora, check the weather and do more all on your TV. Are you away from home? No problem because with X1 DVR with cloud technology you can stream DVR recordings and live television on your mobile device.

Xfinity Store Experience

When you get Xfinity Home you’ll be able to monitor and control your home on your mobile. That means you’ll know which doors are open, who last opened them, if the garage door is open or closed and more. You can change the temperature of the thermostat, turn lights on and off all while you’re far away from home!

Xfinity Home Services

Xfinity Home is not just about security, it’s about automating your home systems and giving you more control over them. I love the idea of video monitoring while I’m away from home and my puppy is home alone!

Xfinity Home Services

One of the coolest services I learned about is called Internet Essentials which is affordable internet service available to households with a child in the National School Lunch Program. You will pay only $9.95 a month and you’ll be given the option to buy a computer for only $149.99. Such a great program to bring the internet to school children everywhere!

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