Shopping at Old Navy?
Try your luck at the Old Navy Weekly site – just keep clicking around until you find a coupon you can use – they load new coupons on Thursdays (but the site is difficult to access because their servers get overwhelmed with the traffic)

Shopping March 12-15?
Print a 30% off coupon (also valid at Gap and Banana Republic, thanks to Baby Cheapskate)

Feeling Lucky?
Get a $75 off $100 coupon on Thursdays (they will make 1,000 available sometime on Thursday) Plus 3,500 people will get a $50 off $100 and 25,000 will get 20% off

UPDATE 3/13: All the $75 and $50 coupons are gone – and no, I did not get one of them! Their site never loaded for me last night and I couldn’t stay-up to keep trying. I heard many “got” the coupon but it wouldn’t print. They called Old Navy – I sure hope that Old Navy will come thru for you if this happened to you!

It’s a new source of printable in-store coupon for Old Navy! Hunt for a coupon and then print it out at The coupons are limited so you’ve got to be fast to get yours! Keep clicking around and find the best coupon for you. Each coupon can only be used once (it’s got a one-time use barcode on it). The coupon is valid for only one week. I’m assuming they’ll offer the same number of coupons as last week, but we will find out. I do have to warn you that Old Navy’s website will experience very heavy traffic on Thurdsay. You’ve just got to try and hope you are lucky to get on after they post the new coupons!

Print coupons from, the selection changes daily!
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