Whirlpool Convection Over-the-Range Microwave at Best Buy

Save money and upgrade your kitchen with the Whirlpool Convection Over-the-Range Microwave at Best Buy where you can save up to $400 on select Whirlpool kitchen packages (through October 30). Utilize the high-tech magic of scanning a frozen food barcode with your smartphone to send recommended cooking instructions straight to your microwave. Let’s call is “scan & cook” and it’s a huge timesaver in the kitchen! Your new Smart Microwave can learn, adapt and suggest customized presets based on what your family likes to cook. So your Smart Microwave actually learns what you like to eat and how you cook it!

This Smart Microwave is part of the family of Whirplool smart home appliances designed for the way you live. Since you can control your smart appliances from your smartphone ~ you can do what you need to do from anywhere! Whether you’re in another room in your house or you’re running errands, the control is at your fingertips. Cooking and entertaining just got smarter and easier (you’re welcome!).

Please note that WiFi and app required. Features subject to change. Appliances must be set to Remote Enable in order to operate remotely. Details and privacy info available at whirlpool.com/connect.

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