Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger by Kevin Bolger is for the tween boy audience, in case you couldn’t guess from the title. Penguin Young Readers wants to give away a hardcover advanced copy reader version of this book to 10 of my readers. First, a little more about this book – then the form to enter this giveaway.

Here’s a description of the book directly from Penguin:

“SOMETHING STINKS IN THE KINGDOM OF ARMPIT. King Reginald the Not Very Realistic has had it up to here with his naughty son Prince Harry, whose pranks around the castle have earned him the nickname The Royal Pain. He loosens the tops on all the Royal Pepper Shakers, teases the moat monster, and wants nothing to do with rescuing fair damsels. Even Sir Bedwetter has had quite enough of the prince’s Royal Clowning Around!

ENTER SIR FARTSALOT—the bravest, boldest, and most, er, potent knight in all the land. He’s on a quest to solve the riddle of the Foul West Wind—a ghastly odor that turns up whenever dangers lurking. Harry decides to play the biggest—and BOOGERIEST—prank of all time! He convinces Sir Fartsalot that a Snotty Scoundrel is on the prowl, and that it’s up to him to save The Kingdom of Armpit. So Harry, Sir Fartsalot, and their buddy Sir Knotaclew set out on a hilarious quest to come face-to-phlegm with the dreaded Booger, and rid the world of him, Once and for All!

Look out for the Booger!
It could be right under your nose!

(WARNING: This Book May Contain Obnoxious Ogres, Preposterous Princesses, and Things that Only Exist in Your Imagination!)”

Want to enter this book giveaway? The email addresses that I collect for this giveaway will only be used for the purpose of contacting the winners.This giveaway will close on Thursday, August 14 at midnight (CST). I’ll announce the first name or username of the winners in a new post the next morning and contact them by email. I will draw ten winners by using the random number generator at If a winner does not contact me within 48 hours by email, I will draw a new winner. Please only enter this giveaway once. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States. The winners will receive their book by mail directly from Penguin.

If you can’t see this form, please click here to refresh to visit this post on my blog. The third question is optional – just for fun to see what you say.


Good luck and remember that you need to use the form to enter this giveaway. You are welcome to post comments on this post, but any comments posted will not be considered as entries in this giveaway. Thanks for entering and come back Friday, August 15 to find out who won!

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