Physicians Formula has several “free after rebate” products that have the pink “Try Me Free!” peelie rebate form on the package. You can print your rebate forms, but you have to include that peelie from the product packaging. Thanks goes to Tomorrow’s Plight for the heads up about these rebate offers. Check your coupon file for the Save $1 off any Physicians Formula product coupons that were in the 5/31 and 6/28 SmartSource coupon inserts. You can do each rebate once per household, unless you live in Rhode Island where the limit is two per household.

Free Organic Wear Mascara (up to $9.95, ends 12/31/09)

Free FaceBrightener or BronzeBrightener (up to $13.95, ends 12/31/09)

Free Bronze Booster (up to $14.95, ends 12/31/09)
Choose from Glow-Boosting Pressed Powder, Glow-Boosting Loose Bronzing Veil, or Self-Tanning Bronzing Veil

Half-Off Organic Wear Makeup Removers (up to $5.00, ends 4/30/10)
These products retail for $9.95 so more like a “half-off rebate offer”
Choose from

I picked up the Organic Wear Mascara with a pink “Try Me Free!” peelie at Walgreens on clearance for $2.59 (original price $9.99). It appears that Walgreens is clearing out the Physician’s Formula product line, so this might be a good place to get your rebate items for a lot less (and still get your money back). The selection was slim at one Walgreens I stopped at, at another Walgreens they had already removed all Physicians Formula products from the store. I’ll keep the other rebate forms in my coupon file so that I can check for the “Try Me Free!” products at other stores I normally shop at. It’s nice to buy “free after rebate” products for as little as possible out-of-pocket that’s why I always look at the clearance first.

You’ll find more “free after rebate” products andmy tips to successfully get your rebate money.Plus read the guest post Ensure a Smooth Freebate Transaction for more useful tips.

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