Sorry, this offer is no longer available. You’ll see “Homemaker” on the list of occupations for what at first appears to be a free sample for office workers – this free sample really is for everyone interested in Post-It products. Request a free Post-It Meeting Solutions Sample Pack and this is what Post-It may send you

“By answering the optional questions below, you will qualify to receive a Meeting Solutions Sample Pack with three or more of the following:

* Post-it® Super Sticky Meeting Notes
* “Manage Meetings” Brochure
* 3M Digital Easel Flyer
* Post-it® Wall Pad Samples
* “Lunch on Us” Special Offer Flyer”

Post-It has always sent me great samples and I use them for my home management and for kids arts projects. There is typically a long wait involved to receive the Post-It samples, but they will arrive in your mailbox and be worth the wait! A big thanks goes to Kimberly for emailing me this new free sample offer and helping me keep up with what’s hot while I’m away from home this week. She also emailed me some new coupons that I’ve already added to my “Hottest 4 Coupons” list. Thanks again, Kimberly!