Update @3pm: The free Kashi cereal has jumped up to 125 points (from 50 points) but you can still get these free product coupons from Seventh Generation with 100 points or less:  All Purpose Cleaner (100 pts), Chlorine Free Baby Wipes (75 pts), Natural Dish Liquid (50 pts).

I just signed-up for RecycleBank today and started my account off with 105 points which I then redeemed for 2 free boxes of Kashi cereal (via coupon by mail).  RecycleBank is an easy way for everyone to get some high-value coupons.  If you are new, sign-up now for 105 points.  If you already have an account, there are 65 points below that you should be sure you’ve added to your account.  If you live in an area that is participating in RecycleBank, then you get points for what you recycle.  But everyone can still sign-up for RecycleBank and earn points other ways too!

1.  Sign-up for RecycleBank

2.  Join the eBay Green Team (it’s easy, just check the box and you’ll get 50 points)

3.  Enter the code RECYCLEYOURMAGS (15 points this code is for new and existing members)

4.  Browse the rewards and pick what you want!  My favorite rewards is the free Kashi cereal for 50 points – you can order more than one and you’ll get your coupons by mail.

I’ll keep my eye out for more RecycleBank codes and easy ways to add more points to your account!  You can help me out be telling me if you spot any new codes.

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