Last week I said you need to be patient about sweepstakes. So Laurel kindly emailed me to say “I just wanted to let you know that I got my free pair of Hanes undies in the mail last week, so don’t give up!”. And guess what? I got mine in the mail – but, they were not the size I requested!!! I’ve heard this has also happened to a few of my readers. I will be following up with Hanes, and I’ll let you know what their response is. I also heard from one of my readers who won the Jelly Belly Dream Bean sweeps! Lorna won a Jelly Belly key chain! So keep on playing, and keep on reporting to me on what you’re winning!

5,000+ Winners in Quaker’s Book of Life
2,000+ Winners in Jelly Belly’s Dream Bean (create a flavor, then play instant win game)
1,000+ Winners in Quaker’s Dream Bag (click on “log in” for a quick entry)
1,000+ Winners in Almond Accents Escape to Tuscany

20,000+ Winners in Hanes Wedgie-Free Wednesday
2,000+ Winners in Nivea’s Bikini Challenge (tip – they send you a weekly email, click on it to enter quickly. It looks like you can only enter this for 4 weeks, so I’m no longer entering)

Good luck!