If you have 1 minute . . .
Enter Quaker’s Book of Life Sweepstakes
You might win a Shutterfly photo book (5,000+ winners)

If you have 2 minutes . . .
Also Enter Jelly Belly’s Dream Bean Contest
You might win a Jelly Belly prize (2,000+ winners)

If you have 3 minutes . . .
Also Enter Quaker’s Dream Bag Sweepstakes
You might win Quaker Snack Bars (1,000+ winners)

If you have 1 minute on Wednesday . . .
Enter Hanes Wedgie-Free Wednesday
You might win a pair of Hanes panties (20,000+ winners)

If you have 1 minute on Friday . . .
Enter Nivea’s Good-Bye Cellulite Hello Bikini Challenge
You might win Nivea products (2,000+ winners)

How many minutes do you have to enter sweepstakes each day? Most daily sweepstakes only take about 1 minute to enter, it’s simply a matter of remembering to enter. I keep a calendar by my computer and check-off the sweepstakes I enter each day. I’m also keeping this list easy to access, you just click on the “What sweeps am I entering” link under the “Hottest 4 Sweeps” heading on the right side of my blog. All links below take you straight to the sweepstakes to enter. And I’m getting pickier about the sweepstakes I enter – my new criteria is that there have to be at least 1,000 winners for me to enter any sweepstakes (unless you also get access to a printable coupon).

We have a winner! Leah won a free pair of underwear from Hanes! You can win too, just enter every Wednesday and the chances are great that you’ll win because they are giving away over 20,000 pairs! Wow, that’s a lot of winners! Did you win something in a sweepstakes this week? Leave a comment here and share how lucky you are!