If you shop at Kroger (or any store in the Kroger family) then you need to check these sites out for loading eCoupons onto your Kroger Plus Card. But wait – there’s more! You can load eCoupons with Upromise to earn money for college and you can also earn eLabels with Campbell’s to earn free stuff for your school!

Load up to 50 coupons. The coupon selection varies but in the past they’ve offered coupons for Kroger brand products plus Huggies, Kotex, Pepperidge Farm and Colgate. I love all the coupons from Kroger brand products because I buy so many of them and this makes their low prices even lower!

Load up to 50 coupons onto your Kroger Plus Card. A great variety of coupons is offered.

P&G; eSaver
Load coupons for P&G; products, they have offered a lot of “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” coupons in the past.

Earn money for college by linking your Kroger Plus Card with your Upromise account. You load eCoupons for specific products onto your Kroger Plus Card, and when you buy those products your Upromise account is credited with the coupon values. So your college savings account grows as you shop. Works for more stores than just Kroger, also Randalls and CVS in my area.

Campbell’s eLabels for Education
Earn eLabels for your school when you buy participating products.

Tips for using eCoupons:
*Load your coupons, but make sure you allow time for them to add to your Kroger Plus Card before you go shopping (P&G; sends you an email when you’re coupons are done loading). Don’t load your coupons the hour before you shop, they might not be in the computer system yet!

*Go ahead and load them all, the limits have been increased so you shouldn’t have to worry about reaching the limit. I will admit I’ve accidentally purchased an item that I had an eCoupon loaded for – what a nice surprise to get that extra coupon savings that wasn’t planned.

*Print a list of your coupons to take with you to the grocery store.

*Check your receipt to make sure your eCoupons were deducted, but don’t expect the cashier to be able to fix your receipt. Contact the website where you loaded the eCoupons at for help.

*For Upromise and Campbell’s, log into your account to see if you were credited for your purchases. It can take a few days for credits to appear in your account.

*If you have any questions or problems using eCoupons, contact the website that you loaded them from. I had a problem with Shortcuts coupons not deducting from my receipt, so I contacted them via the form on their website and I was credited promptly for the coupons I was trying to use.

Find this list easily by click on “Kroger” found in the list of “Store Savings at:” in the left sidebar.

Print coupons at Coupons.com and RedPlum, selection changes daily!
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